September 2013


Faculty of International Tourism Begins the Term with Foreign Lecturers Participation (0)

Acknowledging the inclusion of Faculty of International Tourism (STF) of Turiba University in the international cycle, there is an opportunity for students to hear lectures by foreign lecturers regularly. Foreign lecturers are attracted thanks to active participation of Faculty of International Tourism and by using both opportunities of ERASMUS programme, and other support funds.



The Guest Lecture by Foreign Guest Lecturer for International Tourism Faculty Students and Others (0)
On Monday, September 23, at 11.50 – 15.20 two guest lectures by foreign guest lecturers organized by International Tourism Faculty will be held in the auditorium C321 of Turiba University. These lectures are topical for the future professionals of tourism and hospitality field. More


Turiba Shares Experience in the Annual Meeting of UN WTO TedQual Programme (0)

From 10 September 2013 till 14 September 2013 the dean of International Tourism faculty Agita Doniņa participated in the annual meeting of TedQual programme of UN World Tourism Organization in Madrid (Spain).



Students Are Welcome to Apply for 2-Week Intensive International ERASMUS Course about Entrepreneurship (0)
If you would like to become successful entrepreneur, learn in international team and meet experienced owners of different successful companies, you are welcome to apply for Erasmus Intensive Course „Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe through development of entrepreneurial sales personality”. More


Students' Council: Welcome on Board – This Is It, This Is Turiba! (0)
On 19th September Turiba University Students' Council, invites you and your friends, classmates or neighbors from the youth hostel to visit the event “This is it – this is Turiba”, where you will meet new friends and spend a great time with everybody. More


Students' Council: Become a True Student on 27th September - Freshman Initiations (0)
Hey, new Turiba student! Have you accustomed to the university life, got to know the new members you will be studying with and some of the teaching staff? Do you think it will be enough, to call yourself a student? More


The Student of International Tourism Faculty Evija Racina Returned from UNWTO TedQual Students Advisory Board Meeting in England (0)

This week International Tourism Faculty student of Turiba Evija Racina returned from UN World Tourism Organization TedQual meeting of Student Consultative Council established in the summer of 2013.



Students Of Uzbekistan Food Technology College In Turiba Cooked Their National Dish – Pilaf (Plov) (0)
On 11 September students and lecturers of Uzbekistan Food Technology College visited Turiba to domonstrate for future students, academic staff and other interested persons the cooking process of Uzbek national dish and favourite dish among people – pilaf (plov). More


Internship at the Baltic-German University Liaison Office (0)
The Baltic-German University Liaison Office offers young people an opportunity to attend an internship for min. 3 weeks. More


Greetings to All Turiba University Students! (0)

Today, on 2nd of September, lectures for Turiba University students of the academic year 2013/2014 start!



First-year Students of Turiba University Will Compete for the Gratuity 20 000 EUR for Implementation of Their Ideas (0)

University announces that the competition will be held and anyone will have an opportunity to claim for the largest announced gratuity now in Latvia – 20 000 EUR – for implementation of your idea.

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