May 2015


9th interdisciplinary conference of the UNeECC (0)
The University Network of the European Capitals of Culture will hold its 9th annual conference in Pilsen, Czech Republic, European Capital of Culture 2015. The conference will be hosted by University of West Bohemia 29-30 Oct 2015. More


Summer graduation – on 13 June! (0)

We are pleased to announce that summer graduation is coming! This year graduation will be held on 13 June. At the ceremonial part it is preferable for graduates and guests to arrive not earlier than 30 minutes before the beginning.



Information about fire alarm testing (0)
Because of changes in the sound of the fire alarm in Turiba territory from now on it will be the same in the whole territory. In May 12 there will be a sound test for the fire alarm in the following times: More


Students of Communication Faculty have been organising the international “Workshop of Dynamic Thoughts” since 2005 (0)
Students of Communication Faculty are organising the international campus “Workshop of Dynamic Thoughts 2015” for students of communication, PR, advertisement and people interested in communication. The Workshop of Dynamic Thoughts 2015 will be held from June 5 to June 7 in Kalnciema school, 40 km from Riga, Latvia. More


International Discussion “Latvian Export Markets: Experience and Alternatives” Was Held in Turiba University (0)

On 29 April in Turiba University international discussion “Latvian Export Markets: Experience and Alternatives” was held. It was organized by the university in cooperation with the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and export consultation company “Gateway Baltic”.

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