Changes in the library working hours (1)
Please be aware that the library working hours have changed. More


Moment of Silence today at 1 p.m. (0)
People across Europe are invited to observe a moment of silence today at 1 p.m. to honor the victims of the terror attack in Paris. We are inviting students and staff of Turiba University to join as well. More


Working hours during the Latvian Independence Day (0)
Be aware of working hours of Study Information Centre, Library, Cash-desk, Cafe Turība and Canteen Nīke-E during the Latvian Independence Day. More


Twenty students participated in Kenos tournament (0)
Last week on November 5th in Turiba Hostel game room KENOS tournament was taking place. Probably for some students word “KENOS” is strange and they do not know what it is. That was the aim of this event - to introduce other with this game and how it is played. Kenos is invented by Latvians. It is a mix of two very popular games - curling and novus. More


Students of the Faculty of International Tourism are leaving to Latgale region to develop tourism development startegy of protected area “Augšdaugava” (0)
Master students of the study programme “Tourism Strategic Management” on November 13th and 14th will be going on study trip to Latgale – including Daugavpils and Krāslava regions with a purpose to develop tourism destination development plan. More


Pre-session event coming very soon (0)
As every year, November to students is a month that demands a lot of energy, strength and it tests how long a person can go without sleep. More


Let’s Celebrate Birthday of Latvia also in Turiba University (0)
On the occasion of national holidays – Lāčplēsis Day and 97th anniversary of Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia – from 11 November to 18 November Turiba University invites to bring Latvian national celebration also in the premises of the University, to be united, patriotic and to pay homage to these important celebrations. More


Celebrate “Latvia” (1)

As you might already know, November is special for Latvians. That's why, Students’ Council are inviting you to mark the 13th November in your calendars and join the event “Latvia”.



Guest Lecture by Sultan Suleimanov – Editor of the Oppositional Kremlin News Site „Meduza” Will Be Held in Turiba (0)
On 10 November at 10.00 in the auditorium C204 of Turiba University the guest lecture by the editor of the oppositional Kremlin news site „Meduza” – Sultan Suleimanov will be held in Turiba. More


An invite to a guest lecture about tour organizing (0)
Everybody is kindly welcomed to participate in a guest lecture organized by the Language department of Turiba University on November 9 at 10:10 in Room A207. More


The contest – King and Queen of Turiba 2015 (0)
The tale will become reality and the second year consecutive in Turiba University will be crowned  a King and a Queen. You, the student of Turiba, have this opportunity to be crowned as the the King or Queen 2015 of Turiba! More


The Beach Volleyball Night tournament for the second time (0)
Turiba University’s Students' Council has joined forces with the National Defence academy with whom they for the second year are organising an interuniversity beach volleyball tournament which will take place on the 4th and 5th November at Olimpic sport center “O-Sands” sports hall. More


Tournament of the Latvian table game KENOSS (0)
Latvians have invented a new table game - KENOSS. This game is made of two very popular games - curling and novus. This game develops spatial and strategical thinking, also it is a good way to spend your free time. Kenoss is already taking over the world, sets of this game have been already shipped to the United Kingdom and Germany. More


"KeySkills4EUHotelStaff" Partner meeting in Riga (1)
The third meeting for the Erasmus+ project „Key Skills for European Union Hotel Staff” was held in Riga, Latvia from the 23 to 25 September 2015. The project meeting was organised and hosted by Turiba University (Latvia) and the project coordinator, the Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik (Croatia) and all other project partners. More


Do your heart work! (0)
Animal shelter “Ulubele” houses a lot of cats and dogs that are in need of love and care. They spend every day with hope, that today will be the day that someone will come to give them genuine love, attention and their own place, that they could call “Home”. More
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