Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (4)
So that the white peace of Christmas brings a bright joy in your hearts and the New Year makes you to pour the happiness and sparkle withe the foam of success! More


Working Hours within Winter Holidays (0)
Be aware of university working hours within Winter Holidays. Faculties and departments will be closed from December 21 until January 2. More


Our basketball players have concluded the first round of LBL2 and SBL tournaments with a very good results (2)
Basketball players of Turiba University with a great mood and very good results have concluded both main basketball tournaments' first rounds.  More


Aldis Baumanis- the Rector and Chairman of the Board of Turiba University has been re-elected in Council of Higher Education (2)
On 29th November the Committee of Education, Culture and Science of Saeima supported the incorporation of Aldis Baumanis, the Rector and Chairman of the Board of Turiba University, in the Council of Higher Education. More


Students of the faculty of International Tourism participate in the joint work in animal shelter "Ulubele" (6)
The year is going to the end with a big and fast steps so the students of the faculty of International Tourism of Turiba University rush to spend it with doing some good work. More


The new Dean of the faculty of Business Administration will be Zane Driņķe (9)
Zane Driņķe more than ten years has managed trading companies by "Kesko" group, and still she manages financial and strategic activities in trading and logistics business. More


224 Young Specialists Have Graduated Turiba University (6)
This year winter graduation in Turiba was held on 10 December and the group of graduates was joined by 224 graduates (including 10 international students). More


Winter graduation on 10th December! (7)
We are glad to announce that winter graduation is coming soon. More


Students of Communication Faculty celebrate Saint Nicolas day (5)
The event of Communication faculty students started with Saint Nikolas's (lecturer Nikolajs Ozolins) speech. Communication people have to celebrate this day of their patron on 6th of December. More


The student of Turiba University- the best player of 2nd division in November! (2)
Arnis Ate, the 4th year student of Turiba University, is found the MVP in November of 2nd division of Latvian Baketball League.  More


Guests in Turiba- students and heads of University of Netherlands. (9)
43 students, stuff and heads of TIO University visited Turiba University on 1st December. The guest lecture to students of Turiba and TIO University was given by Indra Freiberga- representative of Embassy of Netherlands in Latvia. More


Your opinion is important to us- participate in the students' survey! (4)
Students of Turiba University! You are welcome to participate in the studnets' survey and to express your opinion about the quality of the study process, availability of study materials, technical support and other important, essential things. More


Christmas ball on December 16 (4)
Christmas is coming our way with big steps and it is the time for Christmas ball. More


Charity event ‘’Hoping, loving, anticipating…’’ (6)
Christmas is a time of hope and miracles and that is why Turiba University Students’ Council already for the 11th time is organizing the charity event ‘’Hoping, loving, anticipating…’’. More


Pre-session event has successfully concluded (2)
Thursday, on 24th November, Turiba University students joined together in a joint event, in order to have a little break and have fun before the big exams. More
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