June 2018


The list of applicants for scholarships and stipends has been published (0)
In case you don't agree with the results you can go to Study Information center in next two working days and submit a written motivated appeal. It will be examined in two days. More


Midsummer greetings (0)
Joyfull and inspirational Ligo celebration to everyone! More


Turiba University has been taken up in the International management development network (EFMD) (0)
Being into the EFMD community is  a step forward for the growth of university in the management development scope in the international context. More


Changes in working times (0)
We are announcing some changes in the working time of Study Information Centre, Library, Administration, Cafe Turiba and canteen "Nīke-E" before Latvian Summer Solstice Festival. More


Students of Master's degree of the Faculty of Communication go to summer school in Uppsala (1)
From 11th till 15th June the best students of Master's degree and Bachelor's degree of the Faculty of Communication of Turiba University have the opportunity to study at the international summer school in Uppsala University, in Sweden. More


Turiba University implements a new international doctoral study program in law (0)
In the 2018/2019 study year Turiba launches an international doctoral study program "Legal Science". The program is implemented in English in cooperation with Kazimieras Simonavicius University in Vilnius, Lithuania. More


334 students have supplemented the community of graduates of Turiba University (0)
On 9th June there was a celebration day in Turiba University- graduation of alumni. Graduates have worked hard to earn a diploma as a proof of being prepared for new career challenges. More


The Department of Languages represented at International Conference and Final Meeting of Erasmus+ project „Unity in Diversity” held in Croatia (0)
Five international meetings were held during the two-year project period. More


Turiba University students are welcome to apply for the NORDPLUS Intensive Course about Mediation! (0)
Language of the Course – English, participation in the Course – free of change. Applications are accepted only from full time bachelor and master level students of Turiba University. More


Turiba University students are welcome to apply for the NORDPLUS Intensive Course on Security (0)
This summer from July 30 until August 10 Turiba University will host NORDPLUS Intensive Course „Organisation and Individual Security”. More
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