Turība University is Graduated by 250 New Specialists (0)
This year the summer graduation ceremony at Turība University will take place on Saturday, June 15. There were 250 graduates this year, including 61 students from foreign countries. More


Apply for NORDPLUS Intensive Course „Security and Active citizenship” (0)
Turiba full time students are welcome to apply for NORDPLUS intensive course about Security and Active citizenship which will take place this summer from 16th until 27th of July in Turiba University. More


Turiba students are welcome to apply for the NORDPLUS Intensive Course on Green Logistics! (0)
This summer from July 16th until 27th Turiba University in Riga will host NORDPLUS Intensive Course „Green Logistics”. More


Turiba students are invited to apply for NORDPLUS Intensive Course “Sustainable Tourism” in Finland (0)
This summer from 12th until 23rd of August University of Turku, Turku School of Economics, Pori unit will host NORDPLUS Intensive Course „Sustainable Tourism”. Turiba University students are welcome to apply! More


Opportunity to apply for discount “Students’ Council” (0)
We would like to inform you that there is an opportunity to apply for the Turiba University discount “Students’ Council”. The scope of the discount is up to 40% of the tuition fees. More


Summer Graduation Ceremony (0)
We are glad to announce the information for the upcoming Summer Graduation Ceremony! More


Working hours of the library and copier during the summer months (0)
We inform you about the working hours of the library and the copier during the summer months. More


Representatives of the Department of Languages participated in the Erasmus+ project meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia (0)
The second meeting for the Erasmus+ project „Cultural knowledge and language competences as a means to develop the 21st century skills” was held from the 15th – 18th April 2019. More


Seven Turiba University Honorary Titles conferred at the annual award ceremony (0)
Yesterday, 16th May, the fifth award ceremony - Turiba University Honorary Title Awards “Freedom, Entrepreneurship, Competence” was held at Turiba University and seven honorary titles were conferred to Turiba students, alumni, professors and persons who have contributed through their activities in achieving the goals of the University. More


Working hours during the May holidays (0)

Find out about the working hours of the Study Information Center, Library, Cafe Turība and Nike - E during the May holidays.



Discussion on the consequences of digitization at the International Conference (0)
Today, on April 26, the 20th International Scientific Conference “Human Values in the Digital Age” was held at Turiba University with the participation of experts from Great Britain, China and Latvia to identify the consequences of digitization and search for possible solutions. More


Consular Camp in Riga (0)
The Embassy of India, Stockholm will be organising a Consular Camp for persons residing in Riga on the 27th April 2019 (Saturday) from 11.00 AM to 17.00 PM.  More


Turiba University wishes happy Easter (0)

Easter brings fun, Easter brings happiness, Easter brings love and freshness of spring. Happy Easter for you!



Working hours at Easter (0)
Find out about the working hours of the Study Information Center, Library, Cafe Turība and Nike - E at Easter period. More


Turiba Clean up on the 27th April – Join Us! (0)
The Big Clean-up will be organised all over Latvia on the 27th April and Turiba University invites you to join us in cleaning up the University territory (both sides of the railway station “Turība”). We invite students, educators, employees and all those interested in keeping our surroundings clean and tidy to join us. More
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