NORDPLUS Intensive Courses in Turība gathered together over 50 students this summer (0)
On Saturday, July 27, two NORDPLUS Intensive Courses were completed, where Turība University welcomed more than 50 students from cooperation universities in Lithuania, Finland and Estonia. The students studied for 12 days in two intensive courses - Security and Active Civic Participation and Green Logistics. More


Vice-Rector Daina Vasilevska: Perfection has no Limits (0)
This summer the University staff has been joined by Vice-Rector of Scientific and Academic Issues, Daina Vasilevska, who has far-reaching goals regarding the development of the University, including also the broader development of science and facilitation  of educational quality. More


Latvian Students’ basketball team wins the 8th place in XXX World Summer Universidade (0)
Latvian Students’ basketball team with two students from the Turiba University- Elvijs Mičulis and Klāvs Čavars after getting among eight best teams has concluded its participation in XXX World Summer Universidade that took place in Italy. More


Turība ranges among the TOP3 of universities recommended by employers (0)
Turiba University has ranged among the TOP3 of universities recommended by employers shows the top created by Latvian Employers Confederation (LDDK) and career portal More


Welcome to Open-Air Cinema Evening (0)
To enjoy warm summer evenings and get acquainted with Latvian cinema, Turība University launches a new tradition and on July 17 at 21.00 invites you to an open-air cinema evening. One of the last Latvian movies, Paradise 89, will be featured at the event. More


Turiba University wishes happy summer soulstice (0)

Enjoy the longest day and the shortest night of the year!



Working hours during Summer Solstice holidays (0)
Find out about the working hours of the Study Information Center, Library, Cafe Turība and Nike - E during holidays. More


Turība University is Graduated by 250 New Specialists (0)
This year the summer graduation ceremony at Turība University will take place on Saturday, June 15. There were 250 graduates this year, including 61 students from foreign countries. More


Apply for NORDPLUS Intensive Course „Security and Active citizenship” (0)
Turiba full time students are welcome to apply for NORDPLUS intensive course about Security and Active citizenship which will take place this summer from 16th until 27th of July in Turiba University. More


Turiba students are welcome to apply for the NORDPLUS Intensive Course on Green Logistics! (0)
This summer from July 16th until 27th Turiba University in Riga will host NORDPLUS Intensive Course „Green Logistics”. More


Turiba students are invited to apply for NORDPLUS Intensive Course “Sustainable Tourism” in Finland (0)
This summer from 12th until 23rd of August University of Turku, Turku School of Economics, Pori unit will host NORDPLUS Intensive Course „Sustainable Tourism”. Turiba University students are welcome to apply! More


Opportunity to apply for discount “Students’ Council” (0)
We would like to inform you that there is an opportunity to apply for the Turiba University discount “Students’ Council”. The scope of the discount is up to 40% of the tuition fees. More


Summer Graduation Ceremony (0)
We are glad to announce the information for the upcoming Summer Graduation Ceremony! More


Working hours of the library and copier during the summer months (0)
We inform you about the working hours of the library and the copier during the summer months. More


Representatives of the Department of Languages participated in the Erasmus+ project meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia (0)
The second meeting for the Erasmus+ project „Cultural knowledge and language competences as a means to develop the 21st century skills” was held from the 15th – 18th April 2019. More
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