News>304 new professionals join to the troop of graduates

304 new professionals join to the troop of graduates (1)

This year the summer graduation at Turiba University happened on 11th June and 304 new professionals joined to the troop of graduates. At the graduation were issued 41 diploma of first level study program, 209 diplomas of Bachelor study program, 52 diplomas of Master study program and also 2 diplomas of Doctoral study program.

Comparing the number of graduates between all faculties, the most graduates are from faculty of Law (95 graduates), next one is faculty of Business Administration (89 graduates), next - International Tourism faculty with 81 graduate and then is Communication faculty with 39 graduates.

The most popular study program between graduates is “Management of Tourism and Hospitality” which is graduated by 64 new professionals.

All photos from the graduation will be available and will be able to download in one week at Stay tuned for information.