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About changes in the study calendar schedule in 2018./2019. study year (1)

Taking into account that Regulations of Minister Cabinet No. 512 " Regulations on the state standard of the second level professional higher education" stipulates that at least 40% of volume of the full-time study program should be formed for contact lessons (the previous standard determined 30% of contact hours), Turiba University has changed its study schedule for next 2018./2019. study year. In order to choose the optimal solution a student survey was carried out at BATIS. Please note that changes will not affect part-time studies.

More about changes:

  • The study process for the part-time extramural students of the  1st level study programs and Bachelor’s study programs does not change; the 12 week semester is left;
  • The number of contact hours and the length of the semester from 12 weeks to 16 weeks increases for Bachelor’s study programs’ full time evening students and Master’s students.
  • In Bachelor’s studies for evening students in addition to three evening the lectures also will be planned on Saturdays (depending on the number of lessons per semester it is possible to have from 0 to 8 Saturdays in semesters);
  • For full time day students of the Bachelor’s study programs the contact hours per week will be increased without changing the length of the semester, it will remain for 12 weeks.

Commenting on the plans of the next academic year approved by the Senate of Turiba University on April 25th, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Academic Affairs Ivars Namatevs invites: "The teacher in the study process should be both a lecturer and a diplomat, be able to listen, understand, find a compromise and devote his time, working outside the rules of procedure with students. The management of the university, in turn, must take into account the interests of students, the opinion of the teaching staff, planning possibilities, support services. The student is the third vertex of the triangle, not only with the rights but also with the obligations to observe regulations, study agreement and requirements. We are fully aware that this is not easy, there are a lot of variables to take into account when balancing desires, needs and priorities, and it takes time to adapt with changes. As a result of changes in the state standard of higher education, which affects only full-time studies, Turiba cannot pretend that it does not touch the university, cannot go away from them. One of the benefits of the proposed  duration of the semester in full-time studies for Turiba University, as it positions itself as a practical university, is more bigger chance to vary with the internship time. The question, does increasing contact hours by 10% in the semester really so greatly increases the load? Answer- avarage 10 lectures in a week is much or less? And in the end, while at the same time being both- being in an academic position, representing the interests of the management of the university, as well as a full-time student, we should be understanding , respect the decision of the Senate and, in accordance with the principles of change management, we will return to the assessment of the study process in next 2018./2019. academic year. "

In case of any questions please contact your faculty!


The university operates in accordance with the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG), paying increasing attention to the results of study programs and well-organized study process provision and support processes, therefore compliance with the law is obligatory.