News>Agnese Jurkina, Student of the Faculty of International Tourism, Obtains the Prestige AHLEI Certificate

Agnese Jurkina, Student of the Faculty of International Tourism, Obtains the Prestige AHLEI Certificate (0)

Agnese Jurkina, the second year student of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the Faculty of International Tourism, is the first in Turiba, who has successfully passed examination of American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) courses and obtained the certificate, which is recognized in Europe and around the world.

In order to obtain the certificate, Agnese had to study the course of 14 weeks and to pass online examination. The course began in this January and lasted 14 weeks. During the course she had to acquire 14 themes, to pass 14 tests and examination at the end, which proofs the acquired knowledge.

As told by the lecturer of Turiba Faculty of International Tourism Margarita Platace, this year first eight brave students applied for the course: „As the first course offered for students was hospitality service activities. For students we organized regular classes, in which students could test their acquired knowledge in weekly test. Students’ independent work was theoretical material, whereas they were practically tested in the simulated hotel by the hotel. It shall be noted, that these courses are quite difficult challenge for students, because they had to acquire not only professional language, but also American English, which differs from English taught in us. We came together regularly, discussed uncertainties, thereby we could better prepare students to be good at themes and to be ready for tests.”

The certificate winner Agnese Jurkina remembers that the most difficult process was to break into American legislation: „Hospitality standards cannot be viewed in isolation from legislation, because company’s success in the industry depends on it. Although I study in the English group and have a good English knowledge, the most challenging task during courses was American English and professional terminology, because our educational system in the most cases teaches British English.”

Agnese tells that when preparing for AHLEI examination she learnt a lot of new. For example, now she has a good knowledge at work organization of chambermaid, duties of guests receiving department during the stay of guests and safety measures. She has better understanding about planning of income, planning of price and human resources. „I acquired information about all related to the work of hotels. These knowledge will be useful when working in reception, which has the most direct relation with the guests, because, if in this position you will not be aware of things happening in other departments, you will not be enough informed to make the right decisions in case of guests’ complaints.”

Also the lecturer Margarita Platace is satisfied with the results and started cooperation with American organization, because Agnese is now the internationally recognized specialist in the industry of management of hospitality services, which means that all doors are open for the future tourism and hospitality specialist.

As reported previously, Faculty of International Tourism has concluded agreement with American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute for organizing AHLEI courses for students. The agreement was signed in February 2013, and provides rights to organize AHLEI courses both for Turiba students and industry representatives about themes related to tourism. Courses were organized in presence and by the lecturer, in mediation of which the online access to AHLEI learning materials for individual work will be provided.

After successfully passed course every participant of the course receives the certificate, which is recognized in Europe and around the world.

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute is non-governmental organization, founded in 1953 and its activities are aimed at qualitative hospitality education, training and professional certification; it meets needs of educational institutions and the industry around the world.

More than 1500 universities, colleagues, vocational educational institutions and state institutions around the world have used services of AHLEI.