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All Study Directions Of Turiba University Have Been Accredited (0)

Yesterday, on June 26, the last four study directions realized by Turiba University have been accredited - "Internal Security and Civil Defence", "Economics", "Management, Administration and Real Estate Management" and „Law Sciences”, thus acknowledging the conformity of realized study programmes to the highlighted education and sustainability requirements.

Study directions "Economics", "Management, Administration and Real Estate Management " and „Law Sciences” have been accredited for a full term – six years, while the study direction „Internal Security and Civil Defence”, in which one study programme is realized; the accreditation is granted for two years.

Previously, the following study directions "Information and Communication Sciences" and "Hotel and Restaurant Management, Management of Tourism and Recreation" have been re-accredited.

Turiba offers studies in four study levels in 21 study programmes, from which 20 have been accredited for the maximum possible term – six years. At present, 4826 future specialists are studying at Turiba.

More information is available in the web page of the Ministry of Education and Science.