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Celebrate “Latvia” (1)

As you might already know, November is special for Latvians. That's why, Students’ Council are inviting you to mark the 13th November in your calendars and join the event “Latvia”. 

This year we have decided to keep on the tradition to celebrate Latvia’s event during the “Latvia week” and that is why we have created a event for both - Latvians and our international students, so that international students can get to know Latvia even better. In the event you will have the opportunity to witness Latvian folk dances, musical performances, games and activities in Latvian style with prizes and, of course, the traditional food and snack tasting. So you can feel not only the musical and active but also the tasty part of Latvia.

When? – Friday, November 13

Where? – The musical club “Četri balti krekli”

What time? – Starting 18:00 (6 pm)  don’t be late!

Where to apply for the event? – – send an email with your name, surname and your contact information

We would love to see you there! 

Your Students’ Council