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Charity event ‘’Hoping, loving, anticipating…’’ (6)

Christmas is a time of hope and miracles and that is why Turiba University Students’ Council already for the 11th time is organizing the charity event ‘’Hoping, loving, anticipating…’’ giving joy and warm-heartedness to those who need it the most.

With a heart - warming concert, kind words and different useful goods, the  members of Turiba Students’ Council are going to cheer up kids by visiting the disabled children’s union ‘’Māriņa’’ in Auce during January. If you, Turiba student, have any books, board games, toys, stationery goods or other items you do not find useful anymore, but could bring a lot of joy to someone else, it would be highly appreciated if you donated them.

Find the nearest charity box with a sign „Ticot, mīlot, gaidot…” (‘’Hoping, loving, anticipating…’’) and offer you support right away!

It will be possible to donate for this event until the 10th of January.

The charity event is organized together with Latvia’s University of Agriculture Students’ Council, BA School of Business and Finance Students’ Council.

Let us warm hearts together!

Your Students’ Council.