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Council elections 2018! (4)

The New Year starts not only with a new Board, but also with a new Council, so, student, this is exactly your chance to express your opinion and to represent not only your own, but also other students' interests, becoming a part of the new  Council of 2018!

The Council is the highest decision-making body of the BAT SP (Students Council of Turiba University), which is elected for a year and operates in structure of 30 members. The main task of the members is to review the draft decisions submitted to it and to control the activities of the Board.

All students from all faculties of Turiba University will be represented in the Council: Business Administration, International Tourism, Communications and Law faculty. Therefore, it is very important that the number of students involved in the election is high. Any  student from Turiba University can become a member of the Council. The mandates will be distributed in such a way as to ensure full representation in the membership of 30 members.

Most voted candidates enter the Council, but candidates left behind may be elected to the Council in the event that one of the elected members of the Council has waived its mandate.

If you have decided to try your hand at becoming a member of the Council, then you have the opportunity to fill in the Council application form by 26th January,  23.59 o’clock.

After the end of the application, the voting will begin, which will take place from 29th January  to 2nd  February. It will be able to vote for each candidate on the second floor in ‘Open corner’, hurling his ballot in the ballot box.

You can see the Council Election Regulations here:

But the Council's questionnaire is available at: