News>Dean of the Faculty of International Tourism Has a Traineeship in One of the Leading Tourism Universities in Europe

Dean of the Faculty of International Tourism Has a Traineeship in One of the Leading Tourism Universities in Europe (0)

From 12 till 18 October dean of the Faculty of International Tourism of Turiba University had an traineeship in one of the leading tourism universities in Europe Bournemouth University. This opportunity is provided by UN WTO. TedQual - Faculty of Exchange of Knowledge Initiative program, which was initiated in 2013 in the annual meeting of TedQual universities.

Bournemouth University is well-known for its traditions, excellent reputation, as well as for striving for creativity and innovations. Similarly to Turiba University, it is oriented to professional praxis.

During the internship there was an opportunity to visit lectures about culture, tourism and anthropology interaction by e-marketing expert, professor Dr. Dimitrios Buhalis and Dr.Philip Long. Professor D.Buhalis is well-known for his books, which gave an understanding about future field for everybody who has studied tourism, therefore, dean A.Doniņa recommends to have a look in home page.

Bournemouth University provided meeting with managers and professors of study programme „Event Management”, during which the possible cooperation was discussed. In this University there are several study programmes in event management, event marketing, sport management, as well as golf management.

During the traineeship it was possible to meet several lecturers and researchers of tourism field in order to exchange ideas and discuss the previous experience of both education institutions. A.Doniņa also visited library of Bournemouth University, which is awarded with two British National Awards.

Dean of the Faculty of International Tourism tells: „It was a real pleasure to make sure that Turiba students are as active as students in Bournemouth. It should be noted that in this university research is an important part of the work of students and lecturers.

As one of the most essential benefits she can mention many contacts, exchange of experience with experts of the field and examples of good practice.