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Discussion about Development Opportunities of New and Perspective Inbound Tourism Markets (0)

On 26 November at 15.30 in StartUp Hotel (Room C302) of Turiba University there will be a discussion about development opportunities of new and perspective inbound tourism markets in Latvia organized by Tourism Research Centre. International students of Turiba University and other interested persons are particularly invited to take part in the discussion! Discussion will be in English.

In recent years there has been a rapid diversification of tourism environment of Latvia, by attracting tourists from new and yet unknown destinations. Although the largest proportion still is made by travellers of highly prior and prior markets, taking into account the global trends, we would like to activate the issue Latvia’ readiness as the destination and knowledge of field professionals in the work with new markets.

In this discussion attention will be paid to France, Turkey and China – by providing both geographical diversity and viewing the role of various cultures and habits in inbound tourism.

The field of inbound tourism will be represented by:

  • Evija Ābele (Baltic Travel Group) responsible for the French market,
  • Svetlana Privaļenkova (Baltic Collection) director, who will share her experience in working with Turkish outbound tourism,
  • Jānis Vērzemnieks (Via Hansa) manager of the Individual Customer Department, competence in tourists of Latin America.

Participants of the discussion are invited to explain specific features of these markets, business environment and to evaluate approachability of Latvia as tourism destination, infrastructure suitability and readiness of service providers to work with tourists of these markets. During the discussion we will try to understand how important is the status of highly prior market defined by the state, and the main obstacles by working in markets, which are not defined as prior ones.