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Animal shelter “Ulubele” houses a lot of cats and dogs that are in need of love and care. They spend every day with hope, that today will be the day that someone will come to give them genuine love, attention and their own place, that they could call “Home”. The animal shelter is doing everything they can to help these animals, but the shelter needs some help as well.

That is why this year Turiba University Students' Council, continuing what’s been previously started, invites you to get involved and not stay indifferent, by organizing the charity campaign ''DO YOUR HEART WORK”.

During the campaign till 30th October, students are invited to donate things that the shelter is in need of - leashes, food bowls, food (canned), towels, granules, toys  and other things that could be useful to the animals. The donations can be left in boxes, that form the 20th October will be spread out troughout the universities that are involved in this project.

Concluding the campaign on 31st October, all together we will go to the shelter “Ulubele”, where we will deliver the donated things, clean up the surrounding area and delight the shelter residents by going on a walk with them.  As well as join in a collective picnic after a job well done.

We are the people that can make even the tiniest moment in their lives brighter by sharing our love, kindness and caring.

The event is supported by: Hanzas maiznīca and Latvijas Valsts meži