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E-Book „Organisation and Individual Security” published! (0)

Turiba University in cooperation with Kazimieras Simonavičius University (Lithuania) and Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland) in frame of NORDPLUS project published the Book „Organisation and Individual Security”.

Nowadays world security is the highest priority of any country, including Baltic and Nordic countries. At the moment world is coping such serious security related issues as migration, cyber-security, economic security and security in organisations and companies. Those are new challenges also for Baltic and Scandinavian countries. This influence security of the society as well as security of individual organisations.

In September 2017 three partner universities started the NORDPLUS Higher education program project „Development of Society and Organisation Security Programmes 2017”. With this project partners initiated stronger cooperation and exchange among security specialists and lecturers of all partner Universities, reviewed teaching methods and shared best practices.

Main outcome of the project is the Book about Security related topics. This book explores different aspects of security and can be used as useful teaching material for Security program students’. Book contains compilation of articles about Theory of Security, Training on security, Physical and Personnel Security as well as Cyber-security aspects.

Printed version of the Book is available in the libraries of all 3 partner Universities. E-Book is amiable here:

Project is co-financed by NORDPLUS Higher education programme, project number: NPHE-2017/10115.