News>Edite Olupe- the lecturer of the Faculty of Communication of Turiba University receives the highest award in the field of public relations – Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals - Gold Button

Edite Olupe- the lecturer of the Faculty of Communication of Turiba University receives the highest award in the field of public relations – Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals - Gold Button (0)

On Thursday, 23rd February 2017 for the seventh time was served Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals (LASAP) Awards - Golden Button 2016, which is designed to facilitate the transfer of best practices among professionals of public relations. Evaluating applied professionals of the industry in one of the four nominations: in academic environment, the public sector, non-governmental sector and business, awards went to the very best: Edite Olupe, Aleksis Jarockis, Ilze Skuja and Guna Zucika.

Candidates for the award could be applied not only by LASAP members, but by any industry’s colleague, but in the final only LASAP members could vote. 

Kristine Tjarve, the Chairman of the Board of LASAP: "I am happy about our association’s tradition once a year to look at what is going on at the industry of communication professionals, what kind of challenges have been implemented by our colleagues, evaluating their excellence. Even greater pleasure is about that for the first time in the seven years, three of the four buttons can be given to communication professionals who are not members of our association. We have noticed their activities and persistence and propensity to excellence in their daily work. Thanks also to projects, jobs behind these industry’s professionals where they can realize their creative and sometimes challenging ideas to reach their target audience!"


LASAP Awards - Gold buttons for accomplishments in 2016 have won:

  • Edite Olupe,  lecturer at Turiba University, award for the work on educating the professionals of communication or  in academic environment;
  • Aleksis Jarockis, the director of the Communication Department of the Ministry of Finance, award for great success in communication at public administration trying to implement the good practice of modern communication – implementing the communication as a management function;
  • Ilze Skuja, the manager of charity “Palīdzē”, award for selfless work on implementing a no-budget communication activities of non-governmental sector in order to reduce social risks of children and young people.
  • Guna Zučika, the Member of the Board of  “Every Little Thing” and  a manager of the group Carnival Youth, award for excellence in communication in private sector, or the ability to navigate perfectly not only in Latvian, but in environment of international media.

Edite Olupe shares her thoughts about the prize and excellence in communication: "What is excellence in the academic environment, in studies? That is a competitive program, it is a research, it is an active social life of students and lecturers. Basically excellence lies in your attitude towards what you do. Excellence is not created by one man, and even not by  many, excellence is made in a synergy, in a collaboration between the parties involved. Also between students and lecturers. We learn and do together. Students are our future colleagues. In my opinion it is the correct attitude. And if it is successful it is because of so great colleagues in association, which inspires. Thank you colleagues for evaluation and being together all these years! "

Greetings from the students of the Faculty of Communication to their beloved and highly rated lecturer- Edīte Olupe- can be seen here:


The winners of LASAP award traditionally receive symbol of excellence of public relation professionals - button, which is made of gilded silver and symbolizes growth of the caree. Award is designed by metal artist Linards Počs.

LASAP is an association that brings together more than 120 public relation professionals - the industry's academics and practitioners from the educational institutions, public relations agencies, companies and organizations in the public relations structures. The association operates from year 2001, representing the interests of public relation professionals, organizing exchange of experience and activities of competence building,  as well as participating in conferences.

The whole event gallery is available on LASAP Facebook page.