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Exhibition of paintings of Tbilisi arts school at Turiba (0)

The opening of a paintings exhibition of Tbilisi arts school will be held on 2nd April and the paintings brought to Turiba by its former exchange student Beka Beriashvili from Georgia will be open to the public all day long.

The paintings will be exhibited on the third floor of Building C of Turiba University, opposite the conference hall.

It is to be noted that Beka Beriashvili runs the art school in one of Georgia’s most beautiful cities Tbilisi, helping children acquire artistic skills. It is a very significant in each and every profession and field not just to work and develop oneself, but also to help others achieve their goals.

At the arts school in Tbilisi children learn a variety of skills related to painting, drawing, craftsmanship etc. Organising exhibitions in various countries around the world has become an excellent tradition of the school.

Beka Beriashvili has come to Latvia with some of the most beautiful pieces of art from Georgia, which will be on display for all Turiba students and those interested as well.

We invite you to visit the exhibition, think, observe, wonder and be inspired. Come and enjoy art at Turiba!