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First project meeting of Erasmus+ Strategic partnership (0)

In September 2016 Turiba University in cooperation with 5 partner Universities – University of Genoa (Italy), Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania), University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria), University of Graz (Austria) and University of Economics, Prague (Czech Republic) started to implement Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project “Online Study Platform on Mediation”.

First meeting of the project partnership took place in Riga, Turiba University on 21.10.2016. Partners from all participating Universities – experienced mediation experts, education specialists and professional mediators met in Riga in order to discuss future cooperation.

Partners will work together and during the period of 32 month will create, operate, maintain and integrate in the curriculum of the partnering universities an online educational platform on mediation. Partner universities will carry on multiple tasks including teaching activities for academics to increase their organizational and methodological skills necessary for organization of mock-mediation sessions and mock-mediation tournaments. A teaching material on methodology and the best practice manual will be elaborated to assist academics in organization of new mock-mediation sessions and mediation tournaments.

Mediation is an effective interdisciplinary method of dispute resolution, where legal studies, entrepreneurship, administration and psychology converge. The EU has in the recent years embraced those alternative ways of dispute settlement for their main characteristics of being time and cost efficient. The applicable legislation - both on a European and national level, has been fully set out to meet those targets. However, an implementation process in practical terms is still underdeveloped in most, if not all of the Members States. The cultural and social challenge to change the general understanding about alternative dispute resolution methods continues along with the attempts to build trust in it as an efficient dispute settlement tool. Although assisted negotiation (or mediation) can find some historical antecedents in many countries, it is still poorly known in the layers of society subjected to litigation. Therefore in times when mediation legislation is still fresh, recently coming into effect, to raise awareness about its benefits among practitioners, the general public and more particularly – students, is crucial.

The project is implemented by the support of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programme. Project Number: 2016-1-LV01-KA203-022660.

Turiba University Project Academic Manager:
Lecturer at Turiba University
Dana Rone

Project Administrator:
Kristīne Tihanova
Tel: +371 67625371