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Get to know other cultures through the taste buds! (0)

As you know, Turiba University has students from different countries of the world, therefore the Student Council offers an annual tradition in which everyone will have a great opportunity to get to know more about the countries from which our students come.

Within four weeks - in the framework of the Gastronomy Month - to see the culture of Turkey, Nepal, Uzbekistan, and France, we will enjoy food that we might have not eaten yet. The event will take place in the long break (12: 10-13: 00). We will meet in the Open corner to spend fun and delicious time together!

Come and see the world at long intervals.

November 6th - Turkey;

November 13th - Nepal;

November 20th - Uzbekistan;

November 27th - France.

We will conclude the Gastronomy Month with an event in honor of the Independence of Latvia - Latvia event - on November 27th at18.00 at the Conference hall.

See you every Tuesday of November!