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Very fast are coming two  of our country's most important celebrations - Lacplesa Day and Independence Day of Latvia. During this time many citizens of Latvia put a flag colored ribbon to clothes to express their patriotism and respect for Latvia. Also you can enhance the festive feeling and make others know that you love and respect Latvia - at Study Information Centre of Turiba University anyone can get a free small ribbon of flag which to put to your clothes.  Small red-white-red ribbon can tell so much! Let's celebrate Latvian celebration together, because we all together are Latvia!

11th November - Lacplesa Day

Lacplesa Day is a memorial day for those heroes who died in freedom fights for Latvia, and it is celebrated on 11th November. One of the best known  traditions of Lacplesa Day is lighting candles at Riga Castle on 11th November Embankment.

Time from Independence Day of Latvia on 18th November 1918 to 11th November 1919 was one of the most complex in history of Latvia, when were won several battles trying to protect the country's independence. Only in 1919 when during the Latvian freedom fights the conquerors were evicted from Riga it became clear - independence is obtained. Bermont's troops and Latvian National Army's fights attracted special attention by the fact that the Latvian fighters were a numerical minority and also worse and less armed. As the main reasons of Latvian Army's won are mentioned Latvian soldiers' courage and heroic, Allies support to Latvia, as well as lack of initiative of opponents army and poor organization of fighting. On this day was also established Latvian state award - Lacplesa war order with the slogan "For Latvia".

Lacplesa Day its name has got in honour of Latvian folk mythology's hero Lāčplēsis- with the bear ears and bear forces endowed strong guy has become a symbol of heroism and love of country. 

18th November - Independence Day of Latvia

18th November is called the birthday of Latvia. In 1918 on this day the Latvian Society's Council proclaimed the Republic of Latvia. Fateful day's of Latvia solemn moment began at 16.00 in the current National Theatre building, but couple months after this courageous step in the territory of Latvia took place warfare because the Russian empire did not want to lose such an important area for them. It is still the most important country's celebration day for any Latvian.