News>Greetings on celebration of "Līgo" or Midsummer feast!

Greetings on celebration of "Līgo" or Midsummer feast! (2)

Fairies' power is its strongest, 
When the day is at its longest, 
Around the flames of a bonfire, 
The night's magic will transpire, 
Our thanks gets given to the sun, 
Before long summer will be done, 
Long summer days we will soon miss, 
The sunlight ebbs past the solstice, 
Once the sun appears in the East, 
It's time to ready for a feast.

Joyfull and active Ligo celebration and with bright thoughts filled the "Jāņu" (midsummer) day to everyone! 

Greetings to the students, graduates and employees from the Turiba University!