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Greetings to All Students of Turiba University! (0)

Today, on 8 September, the new academic year 2014/2015 starts for Turiba students!

University staff has worked hard to make students feel better in the University.

Premises of the third floor of the fourth building of the University are renovated, also the training room for future hospitality and tourism professionals is equipped – StartUp hotel. Rooms 111, 113, 207, 216 and other premises are renovated. Computer equipment is changed in the lecture-rooms.

Also it has been thought about dwellers of Youth Hostel – corridors and rooms of the 2nd floor are fully renovated, all doors and wiring are replaced. Redecoration is performed also in kitchens of the 2nd floor, equipment is replaced, and furniture is purchased. In the corridors of the floors 3, 4 and 5 of the Youth Hostel bulkheads are installed, computer class is renovated, partially repairs are performed in shower rooms and WC, communication network is replaced in the basement. Also 30 new fridges are purchased. Pipelines of hot and cold water are replaced, partial repair of the roof and rain gutters are performed, as well. 

Also renovation of underground communication network and benches, as well as repair of railway stop point of Turiba University are performed.

We hope that these improvements will promote inspiration for a new stage of work!

We inform that those students, who haven’t got students’ handbooks yet, can receive them in Turiba library or in each faculty. Manuals in English, which are provided for foreign students, are available already for the second academic year.

We wish you all resoluteness to achieve the best results; we wish you thirst for knowledge, cooperative fellow students and, of course, a skill to have a wonderful rest after a hard work!