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Guest Lecture „Socially Influencing Systems” by Agnis Stibe (0)

The guest lecture Socially influencing systems (in English) from famous scientist and explorer of human behavior, friend of Turiba’s Communication Faculty and Workshop of Dynamic Thoughts, PhD Agnis Stibe will be held on 20 of October at 13.50hrs in Room A207 of Turiba University. Everybody, interested in social systems and their influence on human behavior, is welcome.

Agnis Stibe has got his PhD from Oulu University (Finland) and now is on the way to one of most famous universities in the world –Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, founded in 1861.

You will get a benefit from sending an e-mail to Agnis. Therefore you are kindly asked to look at the added slides before his lecture.