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Guest Lecturer Low Siew Thiam: In Order to Succeed in Work and Business the Personality Brand is Important (0)

At the end of October the guest lecturer, advisor of the Latvian Honorary Council in Singapore and chairman of the Global Management Forum Low Siew Thiam from Singapore visited Turiba and led the course of lectures for students of practical courses. The main focus in the course of lectures was issues of the importance of the individual personality brand in the further career development.

The previous course of lectures is commented by the guest lecturer and advisor of Latvian Honorary Council in Singapore Low Siew Thiam: „Everyone needs to have its own personality brand regardless of whether you plan to be a businessman or you want to find a job after graduation from university. How does personality brand work in favour of any person or company? How important is to develop your personality brand in your professional career? These and other issues are those to be emphasized in the course. In order to develop the personality brand among future entrepreneurs the work groups and discussions were organized during learning process; also video examples were watched, as well as case analyses were carried out.”

According to the guest lecturer, this practical course is based on the marketing theory and real research results nowadays, as well as on neurosis, thus proofing a statement on the role of „Brand U” value in the real life. „The acquired knowledge will give confidence to the future entrepreneurs to develop business plans that reflect their personality and thus improve their chances of success”, certain is Low Siew Thiam.

The vice chairman of the Turiba Development Council Viesturs Bulāns:”These lectures were organized with the aim to show young people how important it is to build yourself as a personality. Nowadays when competition both in labour market and business has increased it is important to make yourself visible, recognizable and different from others so that you can in 30 seconds clearly say to other who you are and what you can give to your employer as professional and to society in general. I am very glad that such a high level expert is ready to transfer his knowledge and share experience with the future entrepreneurs in Latvia. Now students know how to create their brand statement and present yourself to others briefly, clearly and precisely.” 

According to the first year student of the Practical studies and participant of the course Roberts Krieķis, the lecture course „Brand U” should be introduced as the mandatory subject. „For young students who have just come from school such kind of course will open up new perspectives on business. The course itself was interesting and educational. Much appreciation is given to the University for attracting the experienced guest lecturers from the other country!”

Low Siew Thiam works as business consultant in Singapore, he has specialized in providing strategic development advice and management training for companies. He is a member of the board of his family business Homestead Pte Ltd and holds positions in the boards of other companies, including the company owned by the Swiss Baur Asia Pte Ltd, which operates in the whole Southeast Asia as the member of the board. As a business trainer he has been working in the prestige higher education institutions, for example, The Business School for the World, ESSEC Business School, University of Bradford, Asian Institute of Technology.