News>In solemn award ceremony have been granted seven Turiba University Honorary titles

In solemn award ceremony have been granted seven Turiba University Honorary titles (1)

Previous week on 20th April for the third year in a row was held a solemn award ceremony- Turiba University's  Award of the Year "Freedom. Susceptibility. Competence.”, and during this ceremony have been granted seven Honorary titles to university students, graduates, professors and persons who with their activities have promoted the development of economic, political and other public processes.

This year the Senate assessing candidates recommended by honorary title commission decided to give Honorary title " Honorary Doctorate of Turiba University " to the academician,physics chemist, science historian Jānis Stradiņš appreciating his contribution to the development of  Latvia’s science and strenghtening country's image and society’s self-awareness, as well as appreciating his public and scientific activities.

This year Turiba University for the first time granted the honorary title "Honorary Student of Turiba University", and the student who has earned that is 4th year student of the Faculty of International Tourism-  Elīna Jurkāne whos marks are just excellent and outstanding, she is also active in extra-curricular activities, participating in various events organized by university.

The title “Honorary Graduate of Turiba University” was granted to 4 graduates of university: to the graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration, manager of Ltd. Felice and creator of brand muesli "Graci" - Alise Balgalve, assessing her successful activities in business. To Guna Paidere- the main state notary of Register of Enterprises, assessing her work in public administration. To Toms Kalnītis- manager of internal communication of Latvian Railway, assessing his success in the communication sector. And to Valdis Vanadziņš- general Manager of hotel Pullman Riga Old Town, assessing his achievements in the industry of  tourism and hospitality.

The honorary title "Honorary Professor of Turiba University" was granted to a constitutional law expert, the Chairman of the Comission of development of legal environment of President, the member of Council of Europe Commission for Democracy through Law, or Venice Commission, and the Professor of Turiba University-  Aivars Endziņš , assessing his contribution to the excellent academic, scientific and social activities at Turiba University and in Latvia as a whole.

Turiba University’s Honorary titles are granted for life and  confirms recognition of Turiba University.

The lute ensemble “Kārta” opened the ceremony, the event was led by attractive and erudite Haralds Burkovskis, and university’s academic staff, management and cooperation partners gave Honorary titles to their receivers. Official speeches were supplemented with musical performances by Ieva Kerēvica and Madars Kalniņš, as well as with smiles and applause from guests.