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International Gastronomy month (5)

For a whole month long, from the 2nd November to 23rd November, Turiba University Students’ Council’s organized event International Gastronomy month will take place, where 5 countries will be represented - Slovakia and Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey and Peru. Each of these countries, once a week, will introduce Turiba's students, lecturers and the staff with their traditional cuisine, dances, songs and all in will create a wonderful feeling in the university.

On the 2nd November already began the first International Gastronomy month day and the first who presented their countries were Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Everyone could taste the Bramboraky (potato pancakes), Bryndzové Halušky (potato dumplings with bryndza sheep cheese and bacon) and Slivkove Gule (dumplings with cherries). While people enjoyed the food they had a chance to listen to live music and traditional Slovak and Czech songs performed by students.

A big thank you to - Kristína Bečárová, Roman Halm, Michal Šefčík and Ľudmila Jurašková.

Come and Taste the World in the long break of those days (12:00-13:00) in C building`s second floor (Open Corner):

  • 8th of November – Italy
  • 16th of November – Turkey
  • 23rd of October – Peru