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International scientific conference „Communication in the Global Village” (5)

You are kindly invited to participate in the international scientific conference „Communication in the Global Village: Interests and Influences” on May18th, 2017. It will be held and organized by Faculty of Communication of Turiba University in collaboration with association of Latvian PR professionals and Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Conference will be a place to get new contacts and worldwide perspective.

Professor Bryan Reber (University of Georgia /USA) will share the results of the global research on the generation of millennials in the public relations.

Professors Klau Beck (Berlin Free University/Germany) will share his experience about use of social media.

The group of researcher (Turiba University, Uppsala University, Estonian Business School and Vilnius University) will present their new findings about the trust issues in collaboration between politicians and entrepreneurs in Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Estonia.

In creative laboratories we will be looking to find a new solutions to actual topics like business, politics, law, media, culture and environment.

Academics of Vilnius University and Turiba University will present their new book New Media and New Public Governance: The Strategic Communication Approach.”

There will be possible to see the sand collection from all over the world done by Lithuanian poet and photographer Vytautas Šileika.

Please, find conference program and registration here:

See you on May 18th, 2017.