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International Scientific Project in the Field of Health Resort Development is Approaching to the End (0)

The scientific research project „Methodology of Integrated Health Resort Research and Adaptation of Tourism Perception Module in Health Resorts of the Baltic States” implemented by the Faculty of International Tourism is approaching to the end.

In the project which had been developed in the beginning of 2013 lecturers and students from Turiba University (Latvia), Greifswald University (Germany), Klaipeda University (Lithuania) and Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management (Estonia) were engaged. Turiba University is the leading partner of the project, in the implementation of which lecturers of the Faculty of International Tourism prof. M. Rozīte, lecturer A. Van der Steina and lecturer D. Vinklere were engaged. 

Greifswald University experience in the researches of tourists and vacationers perception issues was jointly evaluated, research in each participating member state and their resort town interest in such investigations, questionnaires of guests were developed and adapted for specific needs of partners which were approbated in the Baltic health resorts – in Jurmala, Palanga and Pernava. Obtained data in workshops in Klaipeda and Riga was analysed and research methodology of tourism perception was improved.

On 10 October this year the final seminar of project will be held in Turiba University by participation of project partners, representatives of Association of Latvia’s Resorts and tourism industry companies, project results and their possible use in the development of health resort industry in the Baltic States were presented.


Also Turiba University students contributed in the project, by practically carrying out approbation of questionnaire in Jurmala in the framework of University’s Tourism Research Center, as well as carrying out pilot survey according to the developed methodology in the master thesis.

The Baltic-German University Liason Office’s project is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Information prepared by:

Daina Vinklere, Vice dean of the Faculty of International Tourism