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International Students of Faculty of Communication Have Got Government Scholarships for Further Studies in Latvia (0)

Three students of Faculty of Communication of Turiba University withstood a competition and got scholarships of the government of Latvia. Scholarships for the academic year 2014/2015 were awarded for good progress in studies to three Turiba students Ismayil Gasanav (Azerbaijan), Vusal Babayev (Azerbaijan) and Sukhrob Norbekov (Uzbekistan).

In order to get the scholarships students had to submit the application form, CV, motivation letter, documents which certify the obtained or incomplete education in Latvia, two recommendation letters of University’s academic staff, confirmation/notice of the University which certifies student’s opportunity to study in the chosen programme, study plan about how it is intended to use the granted scholarship, documents certifying knowledge of foreign languages and copy of passport.

As noted by scholarship winners, they always tried to use all advantages of studying in Latvia, to achieve the best results and to participate in various non-lecture activities organized by both by the University and other Latvian authorities. „I believe that it is our interest and enthusiasm which reflected in our accumulated study experience, and it was a crucial condition for the choice to nominate us for granting a scholarship,” considers Vusal Babayev.

Sukhrob Norbekov pointed that this is already the second time when he gets the scholarship awarded by the government of Latvia.

For information:
A foreign student can apply for the scholarship in the procedure mentioned in the regulations, if an international agreement has been concluded in the framework of which grant of scholarships is provided for the people of corresponding country for studies in Latvian universities and colleges or if a foreign student is a resident of country which grants state scholarships for Latvian students.

The scholarship is awarded for studies in higher education programmes which are implemented in the national language or other official language of the European Union. The scholarship is granted for bachelor study programmes, first level professional higher education programmes, second level professional higher education programmes or master study programmes – for 10 months in a year, but for doctoral study programmes – 11 months in a year.

One student can apply for the scholarship not more than two times.

Award of scholarships is administrated by the State Educational Development Agency (SEDA, VIAA in Latvian) which since the summer 2010 has taken over the administration from the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM in Latvian). Compliance of the application to the certain quality criteria by the Cabinet of Ministers (MK in Latvian) is evaluated by the evaluation commission which allocates a certain number of points. Commission consists of two representatives of SEDA, two representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science and one delegated representative of the Student Union of Latvia. On the basis of the decision of the commission on the award of the scholarship, SEDA concludes an agreement with Institution of the Higher Education of Latvia on funding the scholarship awarded for a foreign student.

There was also an opportunity for foreign students to get scholarships in previous years. They were awarded on the basis of intergovernmental and interagency agreements on cooperation in education and science and in line with conditions and regulations of SEDA.  

More information on opportunities to be a candidate for scholarships of the government of Latvia is available here.