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International Summer School "City as a Destination of Sustainable Tourism" (0)

Yesterday, on 31st July, the International Summer School "City as a Destination of Sustainable Tourism" started at Turiba University initiated by the leading lecturers of the faculty of International Tourism.

The International Summer School has been taking place for the second year and it is attended by students from different parts of the world.

The theme of the International Summer School is Riga - its society, nature and culture. Upon acquainting Riga students will have the knowledge and practical skills in the development of the urban environment, the image of the city and tourism.

Time of the event:

The International Summer School will be 2 weeks - from 31st July 2017 till 12 August 2017.


In total more than 120 applications were received of which 11 participants were selected. Summer School is attended by students from Turkey, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Slovakia, Italy, France, South Korea, Germany and Mexico. Students represent different levels  (Bachelor, Master and PhD studies), as well as various fields of studies ranging from Tourism and Urban Planning to art science.


The program of summer school  is organized in four main blocks, taking into account the resource groups involved in the sustainable development of Riga City and the most important factors:

Riga, and its urban environment (architecture, infrastructure, etc.);

Latvian cultural history, which determines responsibility for the past and understanding of the forms  of development of life environment;

Latvian Culture and Cultural Environment;

Natural environment as an essential element of the city;


Turiba University implements this project through state scholarships awarded by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA).

Academic executives of the project:

Dean of the Faculty of International Tourism Agita Doniņa;

Professor Dr. Geogr. Maija Rozīte;

The project manager  Kristīne Tihanova