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Invitation to attend additional English language course (3)

Are you tired of asking help with your assignments?!

Do you feel uncomfortable when you cannot explain what you want to say in the lectures?!

Do you think it is time to change all get your confidence?

Do you have motivation and desire to learn? 

If you answer "YES" to above listed questions, there is good news for you.

With a support of Turiba University Administration and Vice Rector of Academic affairs there are additional ENGLISH short term courses are being organized. The courses are being organized according to requests by Uzbek students with low level of English. However, there will be an opportunity for other international students to join. 

The short term courses will include followings:


Grammar classes will be organized two times a week. All the classes will be delivered in English language, however if a student have difficulties to understand the lecture, he/she can ask questions in native language (Uzbek, Russian for students from Uzb). There will be small exams once in two weeks in order to check students' learning progress. 


In every lecture students will be given small reading materials as homework and students will have to read and learn them until the next class. There will be small topic discussion every time in order to check if students learned all new words in reading materials.


Every week there will be a lecture to develop students’ speaking and writing skills. During the tutorials students will have group discussions, debates and presentations, so students will learn how to use English in real life situations.

In addition, with the students' request there will be possibilities of organizing lectures to develop presentation skills and essay writing skills. 

Students who want to apply can send a request by email First group meeting will take place on 14th of November. Please add your full name, nationality in your email. You can write your questions and comments in Uzbek, Russian and English.