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Invitation to the seminar about creativity and Intellectual Property rights (0)

Turiba University if one of the partners in the project supported by European Union Intellectual Property office (EUIPO) “European youth empowerment: You are an author too! And you can benefit from it!”. This project aims at raising young people’s awareness about the value of Intellectual property and fostering their creativity, so they can reap cultural and financial benefits from their own products.

If you are interested in topic of Intellectual Property Rights, you are an author, artist or creative personality, we invite you to attend one of 2 seminars organised by Turiba University:

-       13.11.2018. at 16:00, room C321 (seminar in English language);

-       13.11.2018 at 18:15, room C214 (seminar in Latvian language).

During those seminars you will have possibility to discover how to use your creativity and become an author. Also experienced lecturers will present and discuss with the participants topic of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Seminar if open for any student, alumni or professional interested in IPR topic. No pre-registration is needed.

This project is implemented through partnership of 6 organizations - TeRaPro - the applicant, alongside with 5 associated partners: Bulgarian IDLO Alumni Association,, New Bulgarian University, Turiba University (Latvia) and Mykola Romeris University (Lithuania).

In frame of this project organisers created audio-visual products which tackle topic of IPR. Professionals and talented students from the New Bulgarian University created a 15-minutes original film and 3-minute clips (video interviews with famous artists and creative industry representatives) which communicate the message of the project.

Project is supported by European Union Intellectual Property office.

The film developed by the Association for Protection of the Legal Distribution of Programs – TeRaPro is available here:

Also you can watch short video interviews with several artists and representatives of creative industries in Bulgaria:

The Chuchkov Brothers – Victor Chuchkov – film producer and film director and Borko Chuchkov – film producer and actor

Duet Avenue – Velizar (Zakki) Sokolov and Borislav (Bobby) Ivanchev - songwriters, performers and music producers

Dimo Aleksiev – famous Bulgarian actor with multiple roles on the small screen

Krassena Angelova – a photographer and a public figure who has worked with most of the Bulgarian celebrities

Stanislava Armoutlieva – Sanya, the biggest Bulgarian phonogram producer, major record labels’ licensee for Bulgaria, music publisher and an X Factor Bulgaria mentor