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Joint international study programme “Law Science” to be created (0)

On 13 March Rector of Turiba University together with representatives of the Faculty of Law visited Kazimieras Simonavičiaus University in Vilnius, where they signed a cooperation agreement.

The agreement provides cooperation in the field of science and research development between both education institutions, including organization of international scientific conferences. Within the cooperation also exchange of experience is planned in order to improve study programmes and promote student exchange, paying particular attention to master and doctoral study programmes.

Cooperation takes place in different directions, and now the work on several joint study programmes has been highlighted – at the level of doctoral and, probably, master study level both in Law and Communication Sciences.

According to the Rector of Turiba University Jānis Načisčionis: “In the mutual cooperation we plan to focus also on today’s topical issue on economic security, in the framework of which, probably, a joint study programme about cybersecurity will be created.”

Kazimieras Simanovičiaus University is a private higher education institution, which has been operating since 2004. In 2012 university changed its name in order to honour Kazimieras Simanovičiaus – a military engineer and artillery specialist. University is oriented to the business studies, but it is also possible to acquire law, economics and management.

Photo: Kazimieras Simonavičiaus University