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Latvia's Office of „Expo 2015” Will Cooperate with Turiba University Attracting Students to Work in Milan (0)

On 10 October member of the board of limited partnership „Expo 2015” Ģirts Majors and chairman of Turiba board Aldis Baumanis have signed the letter of intent for student attraction to providing work of Latvian pavilion.

For the internship in the Latvian pavilion patriotic, attractive, vigorous Turiba University students, which are familiar with foreign languages and study in the field of tourism, hospitality and event management will be recruited; these students will have an opportunity to improve theoretical knowledge in praxis, as well as to introduce visitors with Latvia. It is planned that the Latvian pavilion will be daily visited by up to 7000-8000 tourists, therefore, from 1 May 2015 till 31 October 2015 an active participation of about 50 young people will be necessary. Also it is planned to involve the Latvian diaspora in Italy. 

Member of the board of the limited partnership “Expo 2015” Ģirts Majors: “The most globally extensive international exhibition definitely can be used as a powerful place for future professionals to acquire knowledge and gain experience. At the same time I am sure that our students will be truly inspiring guides, which will be able with enthusiasm to tell all visitors of pavilion from all over the world the story about Latvia as natural wonderland.”

The chairman of Turiba board Aldis Baumanis: “Letter of intent for cooperation in the international exhibition “Expo 2015” is an opportunity for tourism, hospitality and event management specialists to represent Latvia, to obtain international experience and practical skills in one of the largest events, which has no analogue in the world. This initiative will benefit both the students, the industry and our country as a whole!”

Turiba from its side will develop the program of international internship and will make a selection of students, whereas EXPO Latvia team will cover accommodation, insurance and travel expenses. Selection of students is scheduled to start at the end of this year, then it will be followed by training.

Decision on cooperation has been taken by analysing the current successful experience of “Positivus” Event”, which of many years is known as organizers of the Baltic’s largest music and technical producers of the closing concert of arts festival “Positivus” and XXV Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival. In its turn, Turiba University is the only University in Latvia, which prepares specialists in tourism, hospitality and event management according to quality criteria developed by UN World Tourism Organization.

About Latvian pavilion in Expo Milano 2015:
On 1 May 2015 in Italy, Milano the world largest international exhibition World Expo 2015 will be opened. Latvia will announce itself with a leading-motive “Latvia – Nature inside” and will become one of 147 member states of the exhibition. Participation of Latvia in the exhibition is organized by the limited partnership “EXPO 2015” in cooperation with the Ministry of Economics.

The building of Latvian pavilion will be created as a leafy verdant oak with a wide open space under the tree leafage. In the leafage of the oak a conference centre will be arranged, whereas in the part of oak roots exhibition rooms are planned. The aim of the exhibition pavilion is to strengthen the image of Latvia as ecologically clean, sustainable country with rich culture traditions. By using achievements of digital technologies, visitors can acquire knowledge about Latvian singing ecosystem and share it forward.

The Latvian pavilion, which is planned to have a territory of approximately 600 square meters, will be located close by the main entrance of the exhibition, which according to the forecasts of Expo organizers will be used by at least 60% of visitors. It is scheduled that the exhibition will be visited by up to 20 million people.



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