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Latvijas Banka announces a Competition of Student Scientific Research Papers (1)

Latvijas Banka announces an international Competition of Student Scientific Research Papers for the year 2018. Latvijas Banka organises the Competition already for the 16th time. This year, participation is open to students of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, enrolled in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

The purpose of the Competition isTo promote the research and analysis of macroeconomic issues in Latvia, the Baltic States and the euro area and to facilitate the advancement of the scientific thinking of students.

25 topics on current economic and monetary policy issues are proposed for the Competition. Papers addressing these topics in the context of the Baltic States may also be submitted.

The novelty of this year's Competition is the establishment of a special award named after the prominent Latvian economist Juris Vīksniņš. This year, the award will be presented for the best Competition paper which will integrate the scientific methods in the field of economics and history.

The winner of the Competition will receive the following awards (EUR; before taxes):

EUR 2 000 to the first-prize winner;

EUR 1 250 to the second-prize winner;

EUR 700 to the third-prize winner;

EUR 1 422.87 to the winner of Juris Vīksniņš Award.

The Competition papers shall be submitted to Latvijas Banka from 18 May to 1 June 2018.

Detailed requirements for the Competition papers, rules for participation and a full list of suggested topics are available in the Order.

The Competition papers will be evaluated by a committee specifically set up by Ilmārs Rimšēvičs, Governor of Latvijas Banka. The papers winning awards will be published on the website where the papers of the previous prize-winners are also available.

Further information about the Competition: