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Let’s Celebrate Birthday of Latvia also in Turiba University (0)

On the occasion of national holidays – Lāčplēsis Day and 97th anniversary of Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia – from 9 November to 18 November Turiba University invites to bring Latvian national celebration also in the premises of the University, to be united, patriotic and to pay homage to these important celebrations. Also this year we have prepared ribbons attachable to clothes in colours of the Latvian flag.

Everyone can get ribbons in the Information Centre of Turiba University, building C.

Let’s pay a tribute to Latvia – let’s stick a ribbon with colour of Latvian flag to clothes, let’s pay tribute to those who died for Latvia und take part at events of the national celebration!

Latvia is all the people, who celebrate this time and in the faces of which already since 1918 pride for the country is reflected.

Let’s celebrate birthday of Latvia together!