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Local And Overseas Students Will Master Mediation (0)

This week in Turiba University 38 students from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Italy began their studies in the course ‘Mediation in Civil and Criminal Cases to Foster European Wide Settlement of Disputes’ delivered under the Erasmus Intensive Programme. For about two weeks they will intensively learn the knowledge of and master their skills in mediation, have discussions and group work and will go on visits to LR Supreme Court and the Saeima.

According to the University Project Manager and a lecturer of Turiba University Dana Rone, ‘Mediation is an outside-the-court way of dispute settlement. The process of mediation is conducted by one or two mediators and it is a voluntary process, whereby the disputing parties agree whether and when to start the settlement by way of mediation. Mediation may be carried out in civil cases, such as, labour and commercial disputes, in criminal cases, whereby the perpetrator reaches an agreement with the victim, and in administrative cases.’ D. Rone adds that mediation is gaining recognition in Latvia. The courts often recommend the parties to turn to the mediator for a peaceful settlement of their dispute, and, besides, the parties themselves turn to mediation as a means to resolve their dispute. Mediators do not pass the verdict, but rather help the parties to come to an agreeable solution. It is also possible to agree on a broader set of issues by way of mediation than at the court.

‘Now there is a motion of a legislative proposal “On Mediation” launched in Latvia, and also the adoption of the relevant amendments to the Civil Law regarding mediation is under way. After the adoption of the Mediation Law, the Cabinet of Ministers rules will follow regulating the procedure for getting enlisted as a mediator. A person will be allowed to act as a mediator after having attended the courses in mediation and demonstrated its ability to conduct a process of mediation,’ the lecturer explains.

This inter-disciplinary course on mediation under the Erasmus Intensive Programme is being implemented by Turiba University in partnership with the Technical University of Tallinn, University of Vilnius and the University of Genoa. Both lectures and practical training sessions will be undertaken by 10 tutors in total from all partner countries involved.

Project is implemented by the support of Erasmus activity ‘Erasmus Intensive Programmes’ under the EU Life-Long Learning Programme ‘. Project Number: 2012-1-LV1-ERA10-03676.

For more information, please, contact:
University Project Manager and Lecturer at Turiba University
Dana Rone

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