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New opportunities for students and new visual identity (0)

The ceremony for the opening of a conceptually new Business Coworking Space and introducing to the new visual identity of the University took place at Turība on February 21.

Turība is one of the first and largest universities of Latvia which will this year celebrate the 20th anniversary since its establishment.

According to Chairman of the Development Council of Turība University Aigars Rostovskis, “Turība has always encouraged its students become strong personalities appreciating their own value and of their knowledge. The new University logo has been designed as a new chemical element —

— and thus we point out that the need for the ‘right chemistry’ is key to success in business with the element of the highest value being yourself.”

The new logo represents the approach used by the University and the opportunities which Turība offers its students today — 20 years after establishment. „During its twenty years of operation Turība has become the largest private and one of the leading business universities in Latvia offering an internationally competitive and real-life oriented business education and possibilities to master business activities in practice. Not only has Turība as a university changed and grown along the time but it has also been able to provide effective education solutions to the market. These changes are incorporated in our new logo and our Business Coworking Space model of learning,” Aigars Rostovskis underlined.

The ceremony for the unveiling of logo was held in the premises of the Business Coworking Space built with the support by Swedbank — the home for new business ideas by Turība students. The extended and upgraded business coworking space is a place where apart from registering the official address of their business, working, holding meetings and keeping their documents, students may further develop the services offered by their businesses, establish a closer link between their business activities and the study process and develop their marketing and public relations activities. Starting this year Turība Business Coworking Space offers practical training where students will develop their business activities for four years supported by the Business Coworking Space. Establishment of a private business is a mandatory requirement for students who undertake practical training. The whole concept of practical training is the development of a private business under the guidance of experienced business trainers, while also learning the basics of business administration.

Turība University, founded in year 1993, is one of the largest universities in Latvia. University hosts up-to-date study rooms, state-of-the-art library and student campus — hostel facilities and a sports hall. University comprises four branches in Liepāja, Cēsis, Talsi and Jēkabpils. Turība has achieved an international recognition with the number of foreign students this year reaching 7 % of the total number of students. Turība is the first university in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries to have received the accreditation from the World Tourism Organisation and the internationally recognised evaluation — the WTO TedQual Certificate.