News>New tourism routes has been presented within the framework of the competition “The spot of Latvia’s 100year”

New tourism routes has been presented within the framework of the competition “The spot of Latvia’s 100year” (1)

The best and most interesting works of pupils competition “ The spot of Latvia’s 100year” were presented at the stand of Latvian Travel Agents and Tour Operators Association by Daina Vinklere- Vice Dean of the Faculty of International Tourism, as well as students of Turiba University on 5th February at international tourism exhibition-fair "Balttour 2017". Visitors of the exhibition were introduced to the tourism routes in Latvia which include a variety of new, hitherto unconscious tourism spots, unusual objects as well as interesting activities which are made by pupils from grade 5th to 12th from Latvia’s schools and students from Turiba University. Applications for the contest were sent from various cities of Latvian regions: Liepaja, Daugavpils, Skrunda, Kuldiga, Livberze, Pure, Cirava, Jersika, Olaine and others.

Interest about the routes showed visitors of different age starting with children and ending with the grandmothers whos favourite hobby is planning routes. Visitors especially appreciated pupils’ participation in this contest, they were interested in the specific Latvian regions such as Latgale and was pleasantly surprised by the discovery of a new and hitherto unconsciously tourism objects. Even those visitors of exhibition who live near those tourism objects enthusiastically admitted that they have not heard about them. Those routes seemed very binding for those who are planning trips with friends or family.

At the end of the exhibition it could be concluded that this competition has encouraged youngsters and visitors of the exhibition to explore areas near the place were they live and probably to discover some remarkable tourism objects and  share this discovery with others.

With the tourism routes made by pupils and students in Latvian language you can get known HERE.