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Nordplus Intensive Course on Mediation successfully completed (0)

From 26th of July until 8th of August Turiba University hosted NORDPLUS Intensive Course on mediation - „Mediation in Civil and Criminal Cases”.

This mediation summer program has become very popular and was well attended by students from project partner Universities – Turiba University (Latvia), Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania), University of Turku (Finland) and Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia). This year in the course participated and studies successfully completed 27 students.

Although a similar Mediation Summer School was organized by Turiba University in 2016, there are attractive differences into the new course. Firstly, new teachers – Mr Andris Šillers and Ms Ilze Dzenovska – have joined the team making essential accent on mediation and criminal cases and victim and offender relationship aspect. Also new and truly topical subjects are presented on mindfulness in mediation, non-violent communication in mediation and mediation as a modern diplomacy tool. Teachers are doing their best to grant a perfect balance between theoretical classes, group works and study visits. Separate lectures are also dedicated to the online mediation importance, thus showing necessity to intensify online dispute resolution as an ADR tool of cross-border issues.

This year the students had a wonderful chance to visit a Supreme Court of Latvia and had a personal meeting with the Head of Case-law and Research division Ms Anita Zikmane. Students had an educative tour in the museum of the Supreme Court of Latvia, thus learning from the history of the judiciary. The second visit for the students was to the Parliament of Latvia, where even deeper understanding about constitutional model of the country was gained. And the final study visit made its way to the Riga Central Prison in cooperation with the State Probation Service, in which more understanding was acquired on necessity to organize mediation processes in criminal cases.