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NORDPLUS Intensive Courses in Turība gathered together over 50 students this summer (0)

On Saturday, July 27, two NORDPLUS Intensive Courses were completed, where Turība University welcomed more than 50 students from cooperation universities in Lithuania, Finland and Estonia. The students studied for 12 days in two intensive courses - Security and Active Civic Participation and Green Logistics.

NORDPLUS Intensive Course in Security in Turība took place for the third year. It was implemented in cooperation with Kazimieras Simonavičius University (Lithuania), Turku School of Economics/Turku University (Finland) and Tallinn Technical University (Estonia).

The course provided an insight into subjects such as security theory, individual and organizational security, globalization, stress management in crisis situations, team management and other subjects. Through lectures and hands-on training, students improved their knowledge and skills in various security-related areas. This year's course focused on the active civic participation - how to become an active and responsible citizen, how to participate fully in democratic processes and how to promote active citizenship.

In turn, the NORDPLUS Intensive Course “Green Logistics” was organised for the first time and attended by students from Turība, Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) and Turku School of Economics/Turku University (Finland). Nowadays, sustainable development, sustainable resource management and the reduction of environmental pressures are a priority for any country. This course helped students understand the implementation of green logistics principles in the company, planning and management of sustainable logistics.

„I realized the importance of the Green Logistics even before applying for the intensive course. But thanks to Turiba, I had an amazing opportunity to see in reality how “green” companies operate in Nordic and Baltic companies. They are doing their best to minimize the damage to the environment caused due to their logistics operations. The “green” mentality keeps rising in Baltic countries and the entire world, what promises that one day we will reach the final goal of zero waste. I personally have learned many tips for my every day life regarding recycling, reusing and reducing the waste as it all starts with individual people, with us. We all should be responsible for our actions towards the Planet,” Kristina Nesterova, a NORDPLUS Course participant and Turība University student, said.

The Green Logistics course was inspiring not only for the students but also for the lecturers and professionals who attended it with lectures, discussions and seminars. This project is also significant for the Faculty of Business Administration, which last year started the implementation of the Bachelor's programme in Business Logistics Management.


NORDPLUS Intensive Course "Green Logistics" was implemented with the support of NORDPLUS Higher Education Programme. Project Number: NPHE-2019/10314. NORDPLUS Intensive Course "Security and Active Civic Participation" was supported by the NORDPLUS Higher Education Programme. Project Number: NPHE-2019/10177.