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Opening Celebration of the Academic Year for First-Year Students (0)

Greetings for all students, especially those who will become students this year!

When starting collaboration, successful acquaintance is very important, therefore, we would like to invite you to the Studies Opening Celebration for first-year students of Turiba University on 2nd September in the 1st conference hall (located in top floor of the central block)!

Gathering starts from 9.30 a.m., while alreadyat 10.00 you can get acquainted with the University and Faculty management, Student Councils' management who will tell about exciting events which you will have as a Turiba University student. Also you will have an opportunity to sing the anthem of Turiba University together with course mates!

At 10.30 first-year students of the each faculty will visit the Dean’s class during which the head of the faculty will specifically tell you about the study process in your chosen study programme, you will find out how to use the network of the internal information system and you will look at the lecture schedule, grades and other useful things, as well, also you will have students’ manual.

From 11.50 classes for each group will begin according to the appointed schedule.

See you in the new Academic Year!