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Our Students and Graduates are Invited to Create Jointly 2017 Calendar (3)

Turiba University is proud of its students and graduates – of their success, enterprisingness, creativeness and ideas. That is why we want to get to know about how students and graduates see our Latvia – cities, nature and everything around us, and to perpetuate them in the next year’s calendar.

Students, graduates and employees of Turiba University are invited to perpetuate the most beautiful views, moments, feelings and people in photographs and to send them for the joint calendar! It is requested that pictures shall be of good quality and high resolution, made by digital, hybrid camera or single-lens reflex camera (SLR).

To inspire a little, we have prepared themes of each month:

JANUARY – Latvian winter

FEBRUARY – Love, candles, light

MARCH – Latvian woman/Waiting for Eastern rabbit

APRIL – Spring/Earth comes to life

MAY – Mother love

JUNE – Solstice

JŪLY– Hay month in Latvian countryside

AUGUST – Harvest festival

SEPTEMBER – First day of school

OKTOBER – Golden autumn

NOVEMBER – My Latvia/Patriotism

DECEMBER – Waiting for Christmas

You can send pictures all year long (until end of November) to e-mail,

at the end of the year we will choose 12 best photos, which we will publish in the calendar to be sent to our cooperation partners and friends.

If you already have pictures corresponding to the topic, you can send them as well!