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Participants of the Project TURID Develop Suggestions for the Further Development of the Gauja National Park (0)

From May 5 till May 9 Ungurmuiža manor was the accommodation for 24 participants of the project NordPlus TURID (students and lecturers) from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Three exciting days were spent in various activities in the Gauja National Park. The theme of the project was the cooperation among tourism enterprises and combination in several activities as a tourism product.

In order to try how it works, every day participants performed various activities and on the final day they carried out the summary, actively discussed and expressed their views, expressed feedback and suggestions, as well as presented the group work about tourism route in Gauja National Park at least for two days.

On the first evening students presented themselves and told little about their universities by showing interesting videos. The second day was full of activities – cycling from the manor till river Gauja, boating down the Gauja river by canoe, Nordic walking along picturesque river Amata. For the meal one had not to worry – the meal was excellent, and all taste buds were satisfied. On the third day we took a look at Sigulda, moved near Sigulda with air balloon, visited Gutman’s cave, though the main activity was horseback riding in the Līgatne Nature park. Also it was possible to walk through the nature trails by climbing to the watchtower and greet the bears.

Every evening in the premises of the manor presentation of countries was held – we and other participants of the project told facts about our countries, showed games and invited to taste something special from the cuisine. The first half of Thursday was spent here in Ungurmuiža allowing getting to know the beautiful park and surroundings of the manor. After the workshop and discussions we went on a tour to Valmiermuiža brewery where we followed the beer making process, and at the end tasted the great brew. In Valmiera we went by tram and heard legends about the town; then we walked through the recently created Park of Senses where we could focus on something calmer after all activities. The final evening was truly beautiful – real medieval show with medieval cuisine served in the Cesis Castle.

These days were like one big entertainment, though this experience has opened eyes and made to see things differently, analyse, notice the difference among nations, requirements and standard of living of people, provided ideas how to use natural resources properly and definitely to appreciate what we have both - as a nation and as a country!

Information prepared by:
Arta Iesalniece, student of the Faculty of International Tourism