News>POSTPONED to 23 April: The Pre-Exam event "Swim into the Session"

POSTPONED to 23 April: The Pre-Exam event "Swim into the Session" (0)

Turiba Students Council invites each and every student on 23 April from 18.00 to 22.00 to attend the annual before-finals event ‘Swim into the finals’ in Līvu Akvaparks.

Students have to be brave enough to enter their finals, so as the theme of this event the organizers have chosen pirates – brave and full of energy.

You’ll be able to loosen those tense muscles in water aerobics lead by Ruslans Čebiks as well as take part in entertaining group relay races and sponsor activities in which there will be special prizes! The host of the night Edvards Vārdaunis will make sure that the atmosphere stays pirate’y and DJ Kārlis Blumfelds will make sure that the music is on point. To make this evening truly unforgettable there is going to be a special photo corner, in which you can capture your emotions!

Please note that there is a dress code: black or red bathing suit and don’t forget about some pirate accessories!

To make getting to the event easier, we offer buses that would go in a following route: Strēlnieku square – Turiba – Līvu Akvaparks (17.00 or 17.30 from Strēlnieku square, and 17.30 or 18.00 from Turiba) and Līvu Akvaparks – Turiba – Strēlnieku square (from Līvu Akvaparks 21.45 or 22.30). The number of seats in the buses is limited, so also think of alternative ways how you could get from Rīga to the place of the event (Līvu Akvaparks) in Jūrmala and back.

Student, do not hesitate! Get your free ticket in Students Council @C218! It is also possible to buy tickets for your non-Turiba friends. The price for a friend’s ticket is 7eur until 23.03.15, and it will be 10eur afterwards. Friend’s ticket amount is limited to 5 tickets for one Turiba student. ISIC cards will be checked at the entrance.

Get your bathing suit ready, holler AHOY and see you soon!

The event is sponsored by: Ādažu čipsi, Redbull, Fantasy Park,, AERODIUM, Mevi Gym, Sesnse of Tea, Turbīndēlis, Coca Cola,, Discomania, VV Moto Racing Team, Multikino, Lūzumpunkts, Dirty Deal Teatro, AdventureRide, Faberlic, Blue Box, Lapsas Ala,, Power Balance, Ozolkalns, un MaxSuprame!