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Pre-session event coming very soon (0)

As every year, November to students is a month that demands a lot of energy, strength and it tests how long a person can go without sleep.

But after all the hard work there has be a good rest, to store your strength for the session. Just like every year, the Students' Council will help you to relax and draw big amounts of positive energy at the Pre- session event. This year we will relax in one of the best clubs in Riga “Just”.

On 26th November already from 20.00 (8pm) you will be greeted with different kind of competitions, activities and lots of other interesting things, that will help you go full speed ahead with your studies and successfully pass the session.

Till the early morning light we will dance along with DJ Emil Deo beats, as well as sing out our craving for the winter holidays with a live band.

You can get your event wristband at the Student council (@C218), where you’ll get one free wristband for a friend. If you want to attend the event with more friends (that are not from Turiba University), you can buy extra wristbands right there for only- 2 € .

Join us and together we will have a great time at a great place!



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