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Project partner meeting in Genoa, Italy (1)

The forth meeting for the Erasmus+ project „Key Skills for European Union Hotel Staff” (Project No.:2014-1-HR01-KA2014-007224) was held in Genoa, Italy from the 20th – 24th April 2016. This meeting was organized by the project partner “IPSSA Nino Bergese” (Italy), and it was attended by representatives of other project partners – “Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik” (Croatia), “Primrose Publishing” (UK), “Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota” (Slovenia), “Universitatea Sapientia din Cluj-Napoca” (Romania) and “Turiba University” (Latvia).

The Department of Languages of “Turiba University” - the partner responsible for the implementation of the project, was represented by the head of the Department, Prof. Ineta Lūka and the secretary Evita Vecvagare.

The meeting was held in the conference hall of the hotel “Astoria”. After the welcome speech of the project coordinator Hilaria Lozančić Benić (Croatia) project partners discussed the necessary documents for the national audit and the financial issues. Later the piloting process and results were analyzed.

The afternoon working session was dedicated to the discussion about project dissemination activities, the exploitation and sustainability issues of the project materials developed. After that partners discussed the forthcoming project multiplier events and in the evening the project participants attended “IPSSA Nino Bergese”. This is a vocational school where it is possible to acquire professional education in the field of hospitality and catering – to develop all the necessary skills for work in hotel. After the guided tour of Nino Bergese hotel and catering school there was a possibility for guests to taste delicious Italian dishes in the school’s restaurant.

The second day of the meeting was spent on discussing the forthcoming necessary steps on the improvement of the learning platform and eliminating the errors, as well as the Quality report done by the partners of “Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota” (Slovenia) was analyzed. Project partners also agreed upon the preliminary dates for the final partner meeting in Slovenia in June 2016. In the evening there was a guided sightseeing tour of the historical centre of Genoa.

Genoa- the capital city of the Region of Liguria - is the most important and the biggest commercial port of Italy, as well as the homeland of the legendary Christopher Columbus. Genoa is situated in the place where Apennine Mountains meet the Ligurian Sea. Since the year 2006 the historical centre of the city has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The Latvian project participants are grateful to our Italian colleagues for the wonderfully organized meeting, sightseeing tours and hospitality.

Detailed information regarding the project and the developed materials for language learning are available on the official project webpage: