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Restrictions Related With Turiba 20 Years Anniversary Celebration (0)

We inform that due to the 20th anniversary event of Turiba University which will be held on July 5, this year, staff and students will face many restrictions related with precautionary measures. This will affect the parking and movement procedures.

Rules of procedure:

  • from July 2 till July 6, the foreground parking lot in the Turiba yard between Buildings A and C will be closed both for car parking and pedestrians because construction work will take place. It is recommended to park cars in the parking lots behind body C and Youth Tourism Hostel (near the railway). 

Attention! The parking lot between Youth Tourism Hostel and Building A is used only for parking of vehicles of Turiba.

  • From July 3 till July 6 the asphalted road for driving along Graudu Street starting from the home building of Internal Security Service staff (the main entry gates) till Building A will be closed.

Note: in this period of time everyone is welcome to use entrances of Graudu Street and Bringu Street near the railway in order to get into parking lot of Turiba between Building A and Youth Tourism Hostel (for Turiba vehicles) and into large parking lot behind Youth Tourism Hostel (near the railway). It will be possible to enter both through the main entrance moving to the left and through „Maxima” gate.

  • On July 5 at 16.30 it is desirable to arrive on the territory of Turiba only for 20th anniversary’s guests and organizers.
  • Guests of the event who arrive on cars have to take into consideration that it will be possible to get into Turiba territory by using both entrances of Graudu Street and the entrance from „Maxima” side. Between parking lots behind Youth Tourism Hostel a passage will be built – the gate of Bringu Street will be opened (only for guests).
  • When entering into the territory of Turiba, for safety reasons please stop in order to check the guests in accordance with list of the invited guests of Turiba 20th anniversary.

On July 5, the cash desk, canteen ‘Nike’, SIC customer service will be closed, but the customer information desk will work from 8.00 till 20.00. Cafe Turiba will be open from 8.00 till 15.00.

It is preferable that on July 5 after 17.00 only persons which are related with 20th anniversary of Turiba will stay in Turiba territory.

We would appreciate your understanding.